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“Hand-Some” Space Gallery 2019 Intergenerational collaboration. Materials: Jeans, rhinestones, heirloom gloves. Size: 11 feet high x 17 feet wide x 3 feet deep

“Hand- Some” Installation Space Gallery

Detail: Jean assemblages made by students and elders with dementia.

Detail: Hand-Some

“Floating Lily Pads” Lovell Maine 2019 Various pink materials.

“Lilies as Wall Flowers” 2019 Size: 8 feet x 8 feet

“Pastries” 2019 Hewnoaks Artist Colony Two hundred textile pastries, fabricated with intergenerational workshops.

Pastry Detail

“DOTS” 2019 Hewnoaks Artist Colony

“Past Informs Present” 2019 Stanley Whitman American Museum. Materials: Family needlepoint works reversed, strange mittens created with elder knitting group. Size: 8 feet x 8 feet.

“Every Tree Tells a Story” 2019 Portland Museum of Art Community project

“Homage to Haystack” Portland Museum of Art” 2019

“Homage to Haystack” Portland Museum of Art 2019 Intergenerational collaboration


« LACE HOUSE:  Shrine to Encyclopedias » Medium:  Heirloom lace, spoons, metal, string, encyclopedias, books, sewn antique gloves, sawdust, and charred and torn pages.       exhibition view :  Chapelle Saint Jacques, Vendôme France      Size: 87″ x 126″ x 106″. Date: 2009













Detail:  “LACE HOUSE: Shrine for Encyclopedias” Interior view


« MY SIZE BARBIE » Barbie clothing , metal hoops, fabric, suitcase with Barbies, clothing, accessories, and Barbie toys. Exhibition view : Maison du Loir et Cher, Blois France              Size: 120″ high x 64″ diameter Date:    2008


Multi6aDetail:  “MY SIZE BARBIE”

“Night Bloom” Medium: Metal, fabric, netting, lace, black dye. Size: 74″ diameter Date: 2016

Multi6bDetail:  “MY SIZE BARBIE”  work in progress



«DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES »   Medium: metal armaturesm recipe cards antique baby clothing, rice, buttons, clocks, antique clock boxes, canning jars with red dye. Installation view : Maison du Loir et Cher, Blois France Size: Each « housewife » measures :   74″ high x 88″ wide. Date: 2008




Detail:  «DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE »:  Young mother   Medium: Antique baby clothing, buttons, thread, metal armature, fabric




Detail:  «DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE » :  Cook   My grandmother’s recipe cards, grommets, metal armature, fabric, rice



Detail:  «DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE » :  Biological woman  Antique clocks, watches, cord, metal armature, fabric, metal canning jars containing red ink, wooden boxes.



Multi7 (1)

« TSUNAMI »  Medium: leather scraps, wood, metal, soundtrack of angry sea and frightened people, and chair.   Installation view :  Maison du Loir et Cher, Blois France   Size:  315 ” x 160 ” x 88″ Date:  2008




Multi7aDetail:  “TSUNAMI”


Multi7bDetail:  “TSUNAMI”


« MEDUSA: and global warming"

« MEDUSA: and global warming”   Medium: Heirloom lace, antique clothing, trim, fiberglass, resin.   installation view : Maison du Loir et Cher, Blois France   Size:  237 ” x 276″ x 107″ Date:  2008




Detail:  « MEDUSA: and global warming



























Gloves are tactile shadows of our hands. They are impregnated with history, worn for rituals and special occasions marking milestones in human existence. Donned for ceremonies as divergent as marriages, funerals, baptisms, proms and often worn but once, then relegated to a dresser drawer as a keepsake. Gloves are a second skin, a protection, an armor of politeness, which carry their own code of etiquette that has shifted over the ages. Linen gloves were even found as far back as the time of Tutankhamen in Egypt. My work with gloves is my fascination with the language of gloves and how it connects us to our past and when multiples of gloves are sewn together it creates a human memory network like a tactile web.

glove1« GLOVE FLIRTATION CODE » Collection of black and white antique gloves, fabric, and metal bar. Each individual suspension :  240 x 210 x 80cm   2012







glove6 (1)

“TINY HANDS, TINY STITCHES” Random Children’s mittens stolen from schools, candy hidden in mittens, sewn to wooden support.   330 cm x 300cm    2013



glove6a (1)














glove3“MANDALA  for LaShelle Collier:  MISSING Dec. 6, 2013 from Spokane, Washington”   Knitted mitten mandala 155 cm diameter    2013



glove2“MANDALA for Molly Miller: MISSING July 2, 2013 from Wilson, OK” Knitted mitten mandala 165 cm diameter 2013



detail of mittens

Detail:  « MANDALA for Page Moore: MISSING July 10, 2013 from Broken Arrow, OK »




glove4« MANDALA for Ashley Lewin:  MISSING May 27, 2013 from Littlerock, CA » Knitted mitten mandala   310 cm diameter    2013



gloves8« HANDS-OFF » Antique black gloves, shotgun shell pouches, burned and torn pages from books and letters, lace, acrylics, tar paper, thread, gold-leaf on canvas 100 x 100 cm    2012


gloves7“HANDS-ON” Antique white gloves, shotgun shell pouches, torn pages from books and letters, lace, acrylics, thread, silver-leaf on canvas  100 cm x 100cm     2012


glove9“BLACK GLOVES” Oil on Canvas   100 cm x 80 cm    2012


glove10 (1)

glove13 (1)

glove11 (2)

glove12 (1)


“WHITE SHADOWS” Lapis drawing on paper   103 cm x 73 cm    2013


glove14 (1)