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Student’s Work and Videos

On this page, you can found 20 different student works of art.
The majority of which are multi-disciplinary works and deserve to be viewed as films to understand the scope of the project.
I have put on-line 4 films – 30 second clips- from these projects.


Please click on the arrow on the videos below
Important : To view them full screen click on lower right symbol on the image.


studentchateauvieux student'sworkv1520 student'sworkv1519 student'sworkv1518 student'sworkv1517 student'sworkv1516 student'sworkv1515 student'sworkv1514 student'sworkv1513 student'sworkv1512 student'sworkv1511 student'sworkv159 student'sworkv158 student'sworkv157 student'sworkv156 student'sworkv155 student'sworkv154 student'sworkv153 student'sworkv152

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