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My art explores the notion of memory and play, drawing inspiration from collected objects and Maine’s natural beauty.  My latest work invents and re-invents nature, like a game with a hint of mischief.  I invite the child in each of us to explore environments that often incorporate sound, scent, and performance.  I embrace collaborations with my creative peers broadening the scope of medium. My process cultivates community through partnerships with local schools and organizations.

My work is materially based and inspired. I challenge myself to transform any material, whether natural or manmade until the frontier between the two is blurred. In my studio I am particularly fond of my collections of antique gloves, hand-knit mittens with 6 fingers, children’s journals, and have a passion for anything fabricated with love. I use processes of a repetitive nature; joining objects together one by one, reassembling, repairing, and preserving a human trace piece by piece. I work on several projects at once, some based in my studio, some in my garage and some in my dining-room.  As an artist-mother-wife, time is so compartmentalized and I have to be smart to weave my art into my everyday life. I’ve learned that a woman’s life is but fragments of stolen time.

My large scale projects are rich in material and are labor intensive demanding serious manpower. Cultivating genuine communication through collaboration, I recruit numerous volunteers to help construct my works of art, teaching each person the necessary skills and working alongside my team as we build art and relationships. I believe there is a strong community that is born through this mode of working.  Based in Maine, I now draw my workforce from the increasing population of asylum-seekers, workers with disabilities, the elderly, and local schools with an ulterior motive: blending our population. Having lived abroad for 25 years, I understand how it feels to be an outsider and the importance of fostering community.

My most recent work focuses on the impact of man and digital technology on our environment and creative experiences.  Technology erases certain everyday sensual pleasures from our lives. Manual tasks slowly disappear, certain species in nature disappear and communication evaporates into cell phones. Work and money tip the scale and play and respect for nature are left behind.  My work aims to even the scales.  I play tricks on the audience, create freaks of nature and invite visitors to play artist’s games that spur conscientiousness.  I hope my Art acts as an elixir that transports you to a child-like state of mind, awakening your curiosity and senses.

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Born in 1961 in Pennsylvania, I am a Franco-American artist, presently living and working in Portland, Maine.

Prolific collaborator, as both teacher and artist, I try to foster an ethos of generosity and creative exchange through my public engagement work. Making art and collaborating with multigenerational communities for over 30 years in faraway places like Albania and India, I understood the universal need for creative multi-sensory interaction. When playfulness meets a myriad of materials, magic happens. Today, living in Maine. I am impassioned by my collaborations with dementia sufferers partnered with University students and marvel at these elder’s spontaneity and how essential creative and joyful stimulation is to their well-being. This work has driven me to privilege play and create art that encourages the public to be present in the moment.

Sculptor/ installation artist, I received my bachelor’s degree from UVM and Villa Arson, France. Working in New York as a set designer and art director, I continued exhibiting abroad as fine artist. Motherhood brought me to Europe where I lived for 25 years, where I received my MFA from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’ Aix and studied choreography and education at IUFM Blois. My professional experiences range from designing a traveling multi-sensory museum, collaborations with a blind children center, children’s museum, work with toy companies, children’s films, and teaching.


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Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’ Aix en Provence, France 2011  DNSEP-Masters with high honors

Danse à l’Ecole- Choreography/Pedagogy Blois, France 2007-2012

Certified by the French Ministry of Education 1998-2012

Vermont Studio Center & Johnson State, completed 1 year – master’s program -1995-1996

Art Student’s League, New York City – 1985–1989

Parsons School of Design, New York City  -1986

Ecole Nationale d’Art Décoratif- Villa Arson, Nice  France  1983–1984

School of Visual Arts -1984

University of Vermont, 1984  BFA & BA : nominated most outstanding student


2020  Speedwell Projects Residency

2020  NEFA Public Art Learning Grant

2020  Artist Project Grant, Maine Arts Commission

2019-2020  Kindling Fund Grant

2019  Belvedere Traditional Handcraft Grant with Cedars Retirement Community

2019  Artist Project Grant, Maine Arts Commission

2018  Artist Project Grant, Maine Arts Commission

2017  Fellowship : What About Art » Mumbai, India

2016  1 percent Art Public Commission Northern Maine Community College

2016  Maine Visual Arts Fellow, Maine Arts Commission

2016  Grant Recipient Peaks Island Fund ; collaboration Side x Side

2016  Artist Residency : Hewnoaks Art Colony

2015  Grant Recipient : Peaks Island Fund : Community project : J’aime Peaks

2012  Teaching Artist Excellence Award, Minister of French Education/Enfancillages

2012  Grant recipient: Conseil Régional du Centre: Innovative social project

2011  Artist residency: CAMAC

2011  Grant recipient: Conseil Général : promoting contemporary art in rural France

2003  Artist Residency Maison Emma

2003  Lauréate ATOUT FIL, www.atoutfil.com


2019  Space Gallery, Portland, Maine

2017  Ogunquit Museum of Art : Garden Intervention- Interactive Map of Emotions

2012  Ecole de Beaux Arts, Tours France : Bloodline

2011  Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Aix en Provence, France

2009  Chapelle Saint Jacques, Vendôme, France Couturiere du Patrimoine

2009  Espace Jacques Thyraud, Romorantin, France : Manipulation

2008  Maison du Loir et Cher, Blois, France : Sculptrice du Feminin

2007  Musée de l’Ex-Prévôté,  Saint Aignan, France : Au Tour de la Femme

2006  Cygnet Gallery, Bar Harbor, Maine : Landscapes

2006  Chapelle des Pénitents  Aniane, France : Desabillez Moi

2006  La Bouchery, Pontlevoy, France : Installations and Sculpture

2005  Château de Clapiers, France : La Magnanerie

2004  Waters Gallery, New York City : Recent Work

2004  Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor Maine/Florida : Landscapes

2003  Galerie du C.D.D.P de l’Hérault, Montpellier, France : L’Art de Jouer

2003  National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania : Aplikacion

2003  Skendi Galeri, Tirana, Albania

2002  Watchung Art Center, New Jersey : Recent Work

1995  Galerie Mercuri, Paris, France : Boites a Reves

1995  Ambassade d’Italie, Boston, Mass. : Drawings

1991  Weisner Gallery, NYC


2019  Katonah Museum, Katonah, NY

2019  Portland Museum of Art « Textile in the Trees »

2017  Laudholm Reserve, Wells, Maine “Power of Place”, curated by June LaCombe

2016  Lewis Gallery, “Bound Together”, Portland, Maine

2012  La Grange, Région Centre, France

2012  Castel Joie et Vie, Châteauvieux, France

2011  Chapelle Saint Jacques, “Guest of Honor” Vendôme,France

2011  CarpeDiem, Montpeyroux, France

2009  “New Page Project”, Northeast Harbor, Maine

2009  Castel Vie et Joie, Châteauvieux

2008  Chapelle Sainte Anne, Tours, France

2007  Musée de l’Ex Prévôté, Saint Aignan, France

2007  Château de Chaumont, Chaumont sur Loire, France

2006  Ouchamps Salon d’Art Régionaux, France

2005  LandEscapes, Bar Harbor, Maine

2004  Acadia Symposium of the Arts,  Acadia, Maine

2004  College of the Atlantic, Mount Desert Island, Maine

2004  Prince Street Gallery, NYC

2004  Atoutfil, Onet Le Château, Rodez,  France

2004  Atoutfil, Espace Languedoc-Roussillon Hôtel de Région,  France

2004  Dialogue d’Artistes, Clapiers,  France

2004  SAMI Perpignan, mini-format,  France

2003  Juried Competition : Atout Fil,  Vauvert, France – Lauréate

2003  Musée de L’Oeuf, Soyans,  France

2003  Salon d’Art Contemporain Artenimes,  Nimes, France

2002  Musée International de L’Oeuf,  France

2002  Centre Culturel Robert Gourdon, Vauvert

2002  Maison de l’Artisanat et Métiers d’Art, Marseille, France

2002  Galerie Chai Terral, Montpellier, France

2000  Visual Arts League, Mail Art,  Lincoln Center, New York City

2001  “911” Travelling Exhibition – New England Universities : curated by Andres Verzosa

2001  Sam Shaw Gallery, Northeast Harbor, Maine

1999  Visual Arts League, Mail Art, University of Medicine, N.J.

1998  June Fitzpatrick Gallery,  Portland, Maine

1998  Fourteenth Street Painters, “Group Show”, New York City

1996  Fourteenth Street Painters, “Group Show”, New York City

1996  Provincetown Museum, Provinceton, Mass.

1995  Fourteenth Street Painters, “Group Show”, New York City

1995  Lipanjepuntin, Arte Contemporanea, Trieste, Italy

1994  Fourteenth Street Painters, “Group Show”, New York City


2017- Present : Manager of Hewnoaks Art Colony, Lovell, Maine  www.hewnoaks.org

2015- Present : Teaching Artist with Side x Side, an Integrative Arts Educational Organization 

2015- Present : Professor : Opening Minds Through Art : Multi-generational Contemporary Art Class for  University students and elders affected by dementia.


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My studio in France.