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Performance projects with community engagement are the playing fields for collaborations with my creative peers. I value working with artists in diverse disciplines, broadening the scope of each project.  While based in Pontlevoy, France, for three years I directed a team of seventy amateurs and professionals to create, « The Ballade des Sens » (The Walk of the Senses), seven nocturnal multi-sensorial tableaux. I have also enjoyed collaborations with choreographers, creating environments where materials and installations inspire their movement.

AbbeyLIndsay (1)

“BLOODLINE” – Performance piece – Live musicians, dancer   Pontlevoy Abbey  France  2012


Abbaye (1)“BLOODLINE” – Performance piece – Live musicians, dancer Abbey of Pontlevoy       2012




51 Bloodline Tours Detail:  “BLOODLINE”     Tours,   France   2012

51a Bloodline ToursDetail:  “BLOODLINE”  Tours






 “ETENDU”  Performance Halle aux Grains,  Blois  France  2011

52a Halle aux GrainDetail:  “ETENDU”



baguetteballet“BAGUETTE BALLET” performance in the Ballade Blanche,   Pontlevoy France    2011



NuitdesMasques-0056-avril2010 copie (1)“LA DAME BLANCHE”   performance



NuitdesMasques-0057-avril2010 copie (1)“LA DAME BLANCHE”   performance , “Ballade Blanche”   Pontlevoy France    2010


“LA TUYAUTEUSE”  performance    plastic tubing, metal, shattered glass, fabric

Vauvert,   France  2003

 Numériser (2)                                        Detail:  “LA TUYAUTEUSE”



Traveling light puppets (1)

Puppets,  “TRAVELING LIGHT”  Maine 2015